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Nippon Ham Factory Ibaraki Plant

The main factory of ham and sausage. The factory was constructed with HACCP, with a focus on easy equipment maintenance.

Owner Nippon Ham Factory Ltd.
Location Chikusei, Ibaraki
March 2014
Scale and
Above Ground: 3 Floors, 1 Penthouse
S Structure
Floor Area: 21,820.0m2
Room air-conditioning is from multi-air conditioners. The production area is air conditioned with a medium temperature package and unit cooler. The clean rooms utilize direct expansion-type air conditioners with controlled temperature and humidity. When combined with the sock duct system for transport, it achieves class 10,000 air conditioning.
Boilers and Production Equipment, LNG Supply Work for GHP.
General Plumbing and Sanitation are Separate.
Freezers and Refrigeration Facilities (Including Insulated Panel Work), Extracting Equipment, Cold and Hot-Water Production Equipment, Central Monitoring Facility.

Main Construction Results

  • Tachikawa City Hall
  • Nakano Central Park East
  • Hirokoji Aqua Place
  • Nihon University of International Relations Mishima Station North Exit Campus
  • Konan University, Nishinomiya Campus (CUBE)
  • Hirakata Comprehensive Development Medical Center
  • Keio University Hospital
  • Comprehensive Welfare Facilities Kasumi no Sato
  • Long-Term Health Care Facility Hohoemi no Sato
  • LOTTE Urawa Factory
  • Nippon Ham Factory Ibaraki Plant
  • Unicharm Shikoku Factory
  • ToBiO (Furuhashi Hironoshin Memorial Hamamatsu Swimming Center)
  • KidZania Koshien
  • Bellfa Miyakojima Shopping Center
  • La-la Port Koshien
  • LOTTE City Hotel Kinshicho
  • Aeon Mall Tsukuba