Construction Results (Fujinetsu Co., Ltd.)

A large-scale column-free configuration with a low-rise flat space. It contains a large atrium, customer lobby and general office space. Air-conditioning is achieved through floor venting. There is also an underground warehouse and parking facility that are seismically isolated.

Owner Tachikawa, Tokyo
Location Tachikawa, Tokyo
March 2010
Scale and
Above Ground: 4 Floors
Below Ground: 1 Floor
Total Floor Area: 25,981.60m2
Above Ground Materials: Pre-Cast, Pre-Stressed Concrete + S Structure
Below Ground Materials: RC Structure
Heat Source:
Gas-Powered Hot and Cold Water Generator 300USRT, 210USRT, Ice thermal Storage-Type Heat Recovery Chiller 52USRT, AHU Single Duct System (floor venting, etc.), AHU + FCU
Gas: Four Pressurized Smoke Exhaust Systems
3x 7.5kw Water Supply Pressure Machines, 51t Water Receiving Tank, 4x Sewage Pump, 6x Grey Water Pump, 3x Spring Water Pump.
Fire-Extinguisher System: Indoor and Outdoor Fire Hydrants, Water Pipe Connections, SP, Foam and Inert Gas Fire Extinguishers.
Geothermal Heat Pump, Deodorizer Equipment, Pump Vibration Diagnostic System

Main Construction Results

  • Tachikawa City Hall
  • Nakano Central Park East
  • Hirokoji Aqua Place
  • Nihon University of International Relations Mishima Station North Exit Campus
  • Konan University, Nishinomiya Campus (CUBE)
  • Hirakata Comprehensive Development Medical Center
  • Keio University Hospital
  • Comprehensive Welfare Facilities Kasumi no Sato
  • Long-Term Health Care Facility Hohoemi no Sato
  • LOTTE Urawa Factory
  • Nippon Ham Factory Ibaraki Plant
  • Unicharm Shikoku Factory
  • ToBiO (Furuhashi Hironoshin Memorial Hamamatsu Swimming Center)
  • KidZania Koshien
  • Bellfa Miyakojima Shopping Center
  • La-la Port Koshien
  • LOTTE City Hotel Kinshicho
  • Aeon Mall Tsukuba