Construction Results (Fujinetsu Co., Ltd.)

The main factory where LOTTE’s biscuit and chocolate products are manufactured.

Owner LOTTE Co., Ltd.
Location Saitama, Saitama
June 2010
Scale and
Above Ground: 5 Floors, 1 Penthouse, Combination RC and S Structure
Total Floor Area: 35,619.0m2
Room air-conditioning is from multi-air conditioners.
Production areas are air conditioned with an external, all-fresh air supply with a medium-temperature package.
Clean water pressurizing system: industrial-grade filtration Equipment with a pressurized feed.
Hot water supply: Local-type electric water-heaters, and also by a central Eco Cute heater.
Cold Water Production: 2x 574.2kw Cold Water Chiller
Hot Water Equipment: 1x 91.5kw (Cold Water Concurrently Subtracts 69kw)
Air Equipment: 2x 75kw
Steam Equipment: 1x 2.5t

Main Construction Results

  • Tachikawa City Hall
  • Nakano Central Park East
  • Hirokoji Aqua Place
  • Nihon University of International Relations Mishima Station North Exit Campus
  • Konan University, Nishinomiya Campus (CUBE)
  • Hirakata Comprehensive Development Medical Center
  • Keio University Hospital
  • Comprehensive Welfare Facilities Kasumi no Sato
  • Long-Term Health Care Facility Hohoemi no Sato
  • LOTTE Urawa Factory
  • Nippon Ham Factory Ibaraki Plant
  • Unicharm Shikoku Factory
  • ToBiO (Furuhashi Hironoshin Memorial Hamamatsu Swimming Center)
  • KidZania Koshien
  • Bellfa Miyakojima Shopping Center
  • La-la Port Koshien
  • LOTTE City Hotel Kinshicho
  • Aeon Mall Tsukuba