Business Guide (Fujinetsu-Service Co., Ltd.)

Fujinetsu-Service Co., Ltd. offers total support for air-conditioning facilities, water supply and sanitation, maintenance, and management services. Fujinetsu is ready to meet the diversified needs of our customers with our many years of experience, know-how, cutting-edge technology and top-quality service.

Active support in multiple aspects
Our 6 keys to create comfortable environments

  • Maintenance

    By agreeing to a maintenance contract, customers will gain the preventative benefits of regular maintenance. Consumables can be replaced, and the diagnostics and cleaning of equipment will be performed to prevent failures and maintain performance. Maintenance also contributes to the reduction of the Life Cycle Cost of equipment through better energy efficiency.

  • Repair

    Sometimes, large problems arise that must be immediately dealt with. We will respond immediately to equipment failure events (Priority Service).

  • Equipment Sales

    Air conditioner, air cleaners, humidification and de-humidification, heating, ventilation, various filters, and water treatment agents for industry. We also offer a diverse line of home and business products such as face masks that promote health and comfort.

  • Design

    We design our products based on the needs of our customers, a philosophy that we always follow. We also offer technologies that are environmentally conscious.

  • Construction

    From our substantial construction track-record backed by results, experience, and know-how, we are proud to offer a complete range of construction services from planning to quality management.

  • Total Management

    Total management of the factory and building environment, with regular machine maintenance and comprehensive diagnostics for water, heat, and air equipment.

Five Major Benefits of Maintenance

  • 1Maintaining a Safe and Comfortable Environment

    With regular inspection and part adjustments, failures can be prevented to maintain a safe and reliable workspace.

  • 2Malfunction Prevention and Increased Operating Efficiency

    Fujinetsu-Service can find big troubles in advance and treat it, and respond quickly to fault occurs in the emergency. (Priority Service)
    Fujinetsu can diagnose problems and treat them in advance. In the case of emergency failures, we will respond to the issue immediately with our Priority Service.

  • 3Life Extension of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Facilities

    Comprehensive diagnosis of main equipments and related components.
    Proper maintenance will significantly extend the lifespan of working equipment.

  • 4Cost Reduction

    Continuous maintenance raises energy efficiency, reduces energy costs, and may also reduce failure-related expenses.

  • 5Maintenance Results in Labor Savings, Better Budgets, and Lower Administrative Costs

    Maintenance can result in better equipment budgeting. For advising on improvements or inquiries, Fujinetsu-Service will be there to meet the needs of our customers with service of the highest quality.

There are many cases where regular inspections have reduced malfunction rates
to a 50% reduction in annual repair costs.

Should any of the following symptoms arise in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment,
contact Fujinetsu-Service immediately…
  • 運転音が大きい

    This symptom may be attributed to wear, insufficient lubrication, or a loosened bolt in a moving part. In some cases, louder operation noise may be due to the exhaustion or wear of a component. Scheduled regular maintenance is an important defense against such problems.

  • 振動がする

    This could be due to an abnormality in an anti-vibration part or a moving part not operating normally. Be very careful, as abnormal vibration could be a sign of critical failure.

  • 水漏れがする

    This is usually a symptom of a clogged drain. It is a problem that can be prevented through regular maintenance. Other causes of leakage include pipe corrosion or poor heat-insulating material.

  • 冷やしたり、暖めたりするのに時間がかかる

    This is a symptom of refrigerant gas shortage, poor compression, or insufficient airflow. If use is continued in this state, the machine’s lifespan will degrade significantly.

  • 赤ランプが頻繁に点灯する

    This symptom is usually caused by a water shortage for the water-cooled type, or a clogged heat exchanger for the air-cooled type. Another possible cause of the problem is a failed compressor. Those problems can be prevented with regular maintenance.

  • 機械が動かないことがある

    Sporadic operation is a symptom of a failure in the electrical system or in the machine itself, so never hit or touch it. In some rare cases, the problem can be caused by the machine being powered off, so please check to make sure that it is powered on.

Fujinetsu-Service Offers 4 Contract Types.

Please Choose the Contract that Best Supports Your Needs.

Type 1. Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Throughout the year, we will provide services related to your air-conditioning and freezing equipment. There will be periodic maintenance visits for inspection / adjustment, and we also provide repair services as required to maintain functionality and performance.
  • Periodical inspection technical fee, repair inspection technical fee for emergency failures, consumables fees, and travel fees are all included in the contract.
  • This general contract has been well received by our customers.
Type 2. Inspection Maintenance Contract
  • We will provide inspection / adjustment services at the start of of the cooling / heating season, or during the off-season.
  • Inspection technical fee, consumables fee and travel fee for the season start / off-season inspections are included in this contract.
  • This contract is economically less expensive than the Annual Maintenance Contract, and is perfect for customers with small-scale air-conditioning / freezing facilities or a fewer number of units.
Type 3. Optional Contract
  • This contract is aimed at customers with large-scale air-conditioning / freezing facilities as well as special air-conditioning / freezing facilities.
  • Contractual Coverage
    1. Statutory Periodic Inspection for Large-Scale Package and Chilling Unit (Diagnostics for Pressure Meters, Safety Valves, etc.)
    2. Periodic Boiler Performance Inspection
    3. Chemical Cleaning for the Water Cooling System
    4. Chemical Cleaning for the Inside Fin Cooler, and Sirocco
    5. A General Overhaul of Air-Conditioning / Freezing Facilities.
Type 4. Total Maintenance Contract
  • Cleaning for Buildings and Factories
  • We will provide inspection, adjustment and repair services for air-conditioning, sanitation, electricity, fire safety, freezing, refrigeration, ventilation, equipments etc.
  • This is a total contract to maintain the factory / building environment.
  • Insurance Guarantee